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I can't believe people criticize this :D

It's so damn perfect, all of them.


I'm not even a big pokemon fan, although my appreciation for the series guarentees I will always buy the next generation game (even though Black and White look sketchier every update).

You did an astounding job though, and if the battles were actually like this I might actually watch the anime. I was kind of scared of getting a seizure the whole tiem to be honest, and it was almost too fast to register in my brain, not to mention abundant and never slowing down.

Hate to sound like I'm judging you intricately instead of by pure thrill, which there was much of, but it was choreographically great and while some of the animation seemed limited and the character's styles didn't mesh well with the pokemon, that's a small criticism.

Would definately watch the next installment.

Nice, short and sweet.

You got a couple of laughs out of me, which I usually hide deep inside.

The animation was fluid, and the humor was well executed. I was surprised by the length but not dissapointed.

My only problem was the voice was kind of "mumbling" and not clear. Good work though!

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In love

Stylistic, true, nostalgic. It seems that nowadays people just mock the style by using it, but I've actually felt like I was playing a genuine game that's presentation is vital to the atmosphere for once. Shit.

Very innovative and puzzling

A great time waster for a math class or something.

But as far as fun goes, it made me want to piss myself with shame. As soon as it said "Those are right, but not in the right place," I had to scream "FUUUUUUUUUUUUU".

K-Guare responds:

Lol, fun usually isn't factored into the games I make. ;)
Well, games of this kind at least. Heh.

Thanks for the review!


Go Katie Couric vs. Sarah Palin over the issue of whether or not seeing Russia from your home gives foreign policy experience sequel now!

squidly responds:

Lol, maybe if that gets relevant again.
See, I have to do these while the issue's still banging, and according to my television, it is, the whole Russia from your house thing isn't, though.

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Always considered played Cladunx2, so this is a nice flashback. You nailed it and have some nice little addition here and there, sounds good.

I don't even know what to write, every movement of this song makes so much sense together and has such a great vibe to it. One of my (oddly enough) favorite songs from the good ol' sonic games is Mystic Cave from Sonic II, and honestly if this replaced it would have been my favorite sonic song. I don't really know how I came to the conclusion that you wrote my favorite old school sonic song in a parallel dimension, but oh well.

disk00 responds:

Ah, that is also one of my favorite sonic tunes :D Sonic ftw! Glad you like this one so much hehe :P

Alright, do you do crystal meth/murder people? Be honest with me cause theres so much amazing shit going on here that I would never even hope to achieve with 8-bit without taking a hit of crystal meth or murdering some guy.

Thanks for giving me 8-bit to listen to, even though I've sort of fallen off the wagon. I'll be listening to years from now.

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Some parts throw it off, mostly in the top area, but otherwise you did a great job pleasing the eyes. I, for some reason, love the bottom right corner. Always nice to see something new.


I like her hat.

Bullsik responds:



ill pretend like i didnt see this

dpont mind me just passing through

I like music, art, and the singer Nelly.

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