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Make a game anyone?

2010-06-21 13:36:48 by IbeSm

Itching to make music with more direction and limitation.

If anyone wants to give it a shot let me know, I can also sprite as that has actually been my main artform for about five years.


2008-11-04 17:57:17 by IbeSm

So I've been thinking, and decided to release an album.

IN REALITY, you couldn't really consider it an album. It's more of an 8-bit compilation with an order of songs that tell a story through their melodies and through the short descriptions I will write.

The album's title: Cliche Adventure 8-bit Game

It is basically music based on the backbone and plot of a simple 8-bit RPG game. The music is actually loopable and usable in a game.

And by the way, the second reason this is not an album is because it is not for sale and it has no cover art or official package download. I will just list the Track order PLUS submit them in the chronological order for listening.

G'day you all, submissions will start now, and while I am a third done they will merely come in a steady stream.

Here is the tracklist of songs, try to listen in order:
-The Talking Woods
-The First Signs of Life
-The First Signs of Corruption
-Shady Character in the Coffee Shop
-Blindfolded Kidnapping
-3-Walled Room and Spitting Curses
-The Escaping Escapade
-Forever Turn Back
-Invading the Shouts
-Get Him
-Welcome to the Unspoiled

All songs of the album contain this picture: