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Make a game anyone?

Posted by IbeSm - June 21st, 2010

Itching to make music with more direction and limitation.

If anyone wants to give it a shot let me know, I can also sprite as that has actually been my main artform for about five years.

Comments (4)

I'm thinking about doing a sizeable project soon, don't think I'll need art help, but I will need music help.

I'm actually still formulating exactly what I want to do.

I'm thinking an overhead RPG with an interesting three party member mechanic, that when you bump into a monster, it takes you to a side scrolling beat em up where your party members are attacking with you, kinda Dynasty warriors style to a degree.

Or a stealth game about a king with awesome stealth skills that's trying to recover his stolen castle, by infiltrating the Evil Lord's base and taking his guards out, think midevil splinter cell, kinda.

I'm weighing the two options, don't know, I mean, I think the Splinter Cell game would be kinda a refreshing change of pace for me.

I personally like the stealth idea, but i'm not sure how to do medieval 8bits that don't sound terribly depressing. It would be cool if it was some sort of neotopia in contrast, like a business CEO going up the levels of the company skyscraper stealthily kicking ass and filiing papers to stop the company Vice President's corporate mutiny scheme.

Or medieval maces and lolz.

Oh, and either way, I've decided the game directly after will be an RTS.

If I am ever get arsed to go back to making flash I'll give you a call.

Hmm, I actually just thought up something else, I'll get back to you, the idea's been altered a bit.

See, this is why I don't talk about things before they're 50% done, in this case, I'm still trying to find a windows computer to put flash on, because I'm in Egypt right now.